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A Hot Indian Family

On her way to her son Sundar’s apartment, Rohini Chandran controlled her impatience as traffic slowed her progress on the busy roads of Chennai. Though she was eager to see her son again, she drove carefully, avoiding mistakes that could lead to an accident. 

With a great career as a software programmer, her 23 year old son had moved out of home a year ago to his own apartment. Rohini spent a lot of time there and had done up the apartment very tastefully. When her son’s friends complimented him on his bachelor pad, Sundar always gave his mother full credit, making her glow with praise. 

Some of Sundar’s friends stared at her a little longer than necessary, acknowledging the fact that Rohini was an exceptionally sexy and attractive woman for her age. Such attention always made her blush and she saw it as a compliment to her son who made her feel and look many years younger than her actual age.

“I’m totally addicted to the naughty boy...!” Rohini thought, smiling to herself, her heart beating faster. She knew her virile, good-looking son would be waiting for her, often with a huge erection! “Just thinking of my son’s loving lips and hands... and his beautiful, big cock makes me so wet...!”, she mused, rubbing her thighs together as she enjoyed the feel of her pussy juices soaking through her panties. 

For more than two years, Sundar had devoted himself to giving her the kind of sexual pleasure and satisfaction she had never enjoyed from his father in over twenty years of marriage. So Rohini took advantage of any opportunity to be alone with her virile, good-looking son.

Sundar was quick to open the door when his mother knocked. “Sorry I’m late my love ... the traffic was sooo bad,” Rohini said, smiling up at him. At 23, Sundar was already a head taller than her, his body trim and fit from many hours at the gym. 

“Oh Mom ... you say the silliest things ... You know how much I love you ... and love having you here,” he said, smiling his slow sexy smile as he took her in his arms. 

“Mmm ... feels so good to hear you say that, my love ... my darling,” Rohini said smiling as she threw her arms around her son’s shoulders, looking up at him as he bent forward to kiss her full on her lips. Rohini returned her son’s kiss with equal fervor, thrilled to feel his huge, erect cock rub against the swell of her belly as he cupped her big, full buttocks to pull her closer to him. 

As their tongues explored each other’s mouths hungrily, Rohini moaned happily. My sensuous son is always so eager for me ... unlike his boring father, she thought, shivering with delight as a hot stab of lust made her voluptuous body tremble with need.

Rohini settled into the comfort of her son’s loving arms as he leaned against the heavy dining table. 

Sundar was pleased to hear his mother moan softly with pleasure as he planted hot kisses all over her face, neck and shoulders. She had her back to him, and he was quick to kiss her fiercely on the lips as she turned her face to him. 

Rohini did not break the kiss, opening her mouth to let her son’s tongue twist around hers as his hands roamed freely over her voluptuous body. 

“Mmm ... Mom ... you’re such a ripe and sexy woman ... I’m so lucky that you only want me to make love to you,” he said, regarding her lovingly. 

“Mmm... thanks honey... I think I’lll always look forward to my son’s hot loving... and fucking,” Rohini said, smiling saucily and puckered her lips to blow her son a big kiss. 

A fleshy woman who looked many years younger than her 46 years, Rohini had big boobs that always seemed to be on the verge of spilling out of her snug-fitting blouse with any movement of her voluptuous body. Her slightly thickened waist flared out to a big bubble butt that pillowed her son’s erection nicely as she leaned back into him. 

Sundar was fully aware of the effect his well-endowed mother had on men. Of course, his presence made them keep their distance, and he was pleased that she showed no interest in them. Rohini had made it clear to her virile, good-looking son that she was his woman a long time ago. Sundar had no doubt he could always make his ripe, sex-hungry mother feel that way.

Rohini sighed happily as her son undid her blouse and bra to fondle her succulent boobs. “Aahh ... uhhhh ... mm ... aah ... that feels so good sweetheart ... sssooo good ...” she whispered, leaning back against him in contentment as he squeezed and fondled her big melons, rolling and pinching her nipples gently between thumb and fingers. 

Sundar continued making love to his mother, worshipping her ripe body with hungry kisses as he undressed her slowly. Soon, Rohini’s chiffon saree and petticoat joined her blouse and bra in a untidy heap on the living room floor. 

Rohini smiled when her son finally took off her panties and rubbed them against his nostrils. 

“Ooohf Mom … the musky fragrance of your divine cunt … I can never get enough,” he murmured, a dreamy look on his face as he inhaled deeply of the heady scent from the soiled crotch of her panties. 

Rohini never ceased to be amazed by the hot rush of excitement that jolted her when she heard her son say such things. My dear son makes me feel so good … so alive and eager to enjoy life … unlike his father, she thought, reaching inside his lungi to stroke his huge erection fondly. “Mmm. .. you’re sooo big ... and stiff ... My son’s beautiful cock is hungry for Mummy’s loving attention,” she murmured mischievously, marveling at the thickness and length of Sundar’s throbbing erection.

“Yes ... Mom ... you know how big I get when I’m thinking of you,” Sundar said, smiling, pleased to feel his cock stiffen to its full ten inches as his mother stroked him hungrily. “Let me love you properly Mom,” Sundar murmured, turning his mother around to make her bend her over the dining table as he went down on his knees behind her. 

“Mmm ... Mom ... love your big, juicy ass ... your cheeks are so firm and full,” he whispered, admiring the beauty of his mother’s ample ass. 

Rohini looked back at her son fondly as he planted hot kisses all over her bubble butt. 

When he spread her glorious nether cheeks firmly apart to inhale the pungent, heady aroma of her puckered shit hole, she groaned in delight. Bending forward even more, she thrust her ass into her son’s face to enjoy his tongue as it lewdly probed her anus. 

Sundar was pleased to feel his mother shudder with pleasure when he eased two fingers into the plump, hairy mound of her pussy. “Uh ... Mom ... you’re sooo wet ... your cunnie tastes sooo good,” he exclaimed smelling and licking his mother’s copious cunt syrup from his fingers frequently.
“Mmm ... glad to know you still love Mummy’s hot cunt so much ... you know how wet I become knowing that my son will soon be stuffing my pussy with his big cock,” Rohini said, enjoying her Sundar’s lascivious attentions thoroughly.

Eyes half closed in bliss, Rohini settled her head against the dining table, her big, juicy ass lifted high to make sure her son could give her all the pleasure she craved. 

Keeping his mother’s magnificent, nut-brown asscheeks firmly apart, Sundar worked his tongue into her plump, hairy cunt mound and puckered, spicy shithole with equal fervor. It was so wonderful to hear his ripe, juicy mother moan softly, jerking and shuddering in delight when his tongue burrowed deep into her rectum or sluiced through her plump pussy.

Rohini moaned in ecstasy as another spasm of exquisite pleasure wracked her voluptuous body. My darling son is so good at giving me what I need, she thought, her eyes hazy with pleasure. Dizzy with delight, Rohini nodded her head in agreement when her son suggested that they should get more comfortable in the bedroom. 

Sundar embraced his mother lovingly from behind, supporting her as they walked slowly to his bedroom. Mother and son were fully naked, eager and hungry for the feast of hot, incestuous sex they indulged in so often.

Sundar quickly got under his mother as they settled into a comfortable 69-position to carry on from where they had left off in the living room. 

Rohini made sure her luscious ass faced the light streaming in through the partly drawn curtains. She knew how much the glorious view of her plump, hairy cunt mound and puckered asshole inspired her son’s talented tongue and fingers. 

Cupping his mother’s full buttocks, Sundar buried his face in her steaming, slushy slit. The pungent, musky odour of her cunt and asshole filled his nostrils, intoxicating him. 

Rohini sighed happily when her son rubbed his nose and lips vigorously into her itching pussy. 

No one smells as good as a woman in heat ... especially if she is your mother or sister or ... Sundar thought dreamily as he felt his mother’s loving lips wrap firmly around his cock. 

Good to know my dear son can’t get enough of my pussy ... I just can’t get enough of his big, beautiful cock, Rohini thought. She peeled back the foreskin, her tongue swabbing away the tasty drops of pre-cum that frequently crowned the swollen, purple head. 

Three years of hot, incestuous sex had only served to increase her appetite for her son’s massive rod. Sundar’s tasty, ten inch erection could make any woman go crazy with joy. The cock hungry mother knew how fortunate she was to enjoy it frequently and smothered it with all the love and affection her well-hung son deserved so much. She was pleased to hear him sigh with pleasure when she filled her mouth with a big helping of his lovestick. 

Rohini sucked her son slowly, filling her mouth with cock meat till his glans nudged her throat every time she swallowed him. Reaching between his legs, she caressed and squeezed his big balls gently. Hmm ... Sundar’s big balls are full of the rich, creamy sperm I love sooo much, she thought, throating and sucking her son with a hunger that knew no limits. 

“Oooh Mom! You’re sucking me so well ... so lovingly ... you make my cock feel sooo good. I love you sooo much Mom!” Sundar exclaimed. 

Rohini was a novice at oral sex when her son first bedded her. Keen to give her him as much pleasure as he frequently gave her with his tongue and fingers, she had quickly learnt all that he could teach her about sucking him off properly. 

Sundar was grateful. Nothing felt as good as his mother’s hungry lips ripple over his cock when she sucked him slowly and lovingly. Every now and then, her tongue laved the length of his swollen, straining rod making him groan softly. He responded by making his mother moan, tonguing her pussy even more fervently. 

Rohini felt dizzy when her son’s tongue sluiced through her puffy cunt lips and jabbed at her swollen clitoris greedily. Her juices flowed freely, coating her son’s face with the pussy nectar he loved so much. It was good to know Sundar would always spend a lot of quality time soothing her itching cunt and asshole with his tongue. 

Rohini especially loved to have him lick both her orifices after she had urinated. The special flavour of her cunt juices mingled with her salty piss never failed to excite her randy son. Going to the bathroom usually got Rohini all hot and bothered. It was so exciting to know that Sundar would soon go down on his knees to lick her clean ... shamelessly licking her itching pussy and puckered asshole till she shuddered through the ecstasy of an intense orgasm.

Now, the naughty boy was doing it again. Wave after wave of intense pleasure wracked Rohini’s ripe body as her son continued to tongue and finger her pussy and asshole with shameless hunger. “Oh ... ooohh ... ohhh ... noo ... yesss! Oh God ... noo ... oooohhhhh! Beta ... aahhh ... aah ... I ... I’m cumming! Oh God,” she moaned, squirming and twisting in ecstasy as her orgasm overwhelmed her. 

Cupping his mother’s buttocks firmly, Sundar buried his face in her cunt as she rewarded him with a copious flow of her love juices. His face drenched with her pussy nectar, Sundar continued to pamper his mother’s overheated pussy and puckered asshole with his frenzied tongue-fucking. It was great to hear her sigh happily as he rubbed his nose vigourously into her cunt...! 

His mother was making it good for him too... her loving lips felt incredibly good as she shamelessly throated and sucked his swollen cock! Sundar could feel his cum bubbling in his balls as his mother’s cock sucking became more and more passionate... His hips moved gently to work his cock in and out of her mouth. 

Rohini realized her dear son was soon going to reward her with mouthfuls of fresh, creamy cock sauce! Her full lips were firmly wrapped round his twitching cock just as he groaned his release a few moments later.

“Umm ... mmmphhh ... mmmph ... umm ... aah ... mmmfh,” she moaned. Rohini started sucking as hard as she could, slurping and gurgling noisily, her wet mouth covering the top third of her son’s cock with spit. She pushed her left hand between his trembling thighs, gently squeezing and fondling his big balls, encouraging the load of spunk to come gushing out of his dilated cock-tip. 

“Oh Mom ... I'm ... I’m cummiinng ... uhrh ... aaarhh!” Sundar grunted, gripping his mother with his thighs as he gently thrust his twitching cock in and out of her mouth. 

Rohini whimpered in contentment as jets of hot, fresh cock cream flooded her mouth and gushed down her throat. The cum-thirsty mother swallowed greedily, the sounds of her cock sucking growing louder as she urgently consumed the tide of creamy sauce from her son's twitching rod. The milky jizz spattered the inside of her mouth, squirting rhythmically across her tongue. 

Rohini clung feverishly to her son’s jerking, spewing prick, refusing to let it out of her mouth until she'd licked the last trace of his tasty sperm from its tip. “Mmm. Son ... your cum tastes sooo good ... Mummy just can’t get enough,” she said before going back to sucking and throating her son’s flagging erection. 

Licking and loving his mother’s plump, hairy cunt, Sundar sighed happily. He knew that her hungry lips would bring his drained and tingling cock back to life in no time at all ... 

His mother’s ravenous lips felt so good when they devoured him, Sundar knew how lucky he was. Not every son was fortunate to have such a cock- loving mother. She loved taking care of his frequent erections, and he enjoyed her hot oral attentions thoroughly. 

Rohini had advised Sundar to avoid spicy food. Which is why she was always sure of savouring the best tasting cum when she drained her son dry with one of her supremely satisfying blow jobs - Sundar’s cum tasted so much like unsweetened condensed milk. But now she was thinking about other things as her voracious lips brought her son’s cock back to life. Sundar’s ten inch pussy pleaser curved slightly upward as it stood erect and ready for what she had in mind ....

“Mmm ... son ... it’s time you pleasured me with the nice, long fuck I’ve been missing so much ... Thanks to your boring father, I’ve been feeling too horny ... for too long,” Rohini said, smiling mischievously at her son as she lifted her big ass in the air and rested her head on pillows. 

Sundar smiled, understanding very well how his mother felt. Until he moved to his own apartment, mother and son had found it difficult to enjoy sex to their heart’s content. 

Rohini relished her son’s hearty and sensual lovemaking and expected him to service her at least four or five times a week. She felt really miserable when she had to deny herself this pleasure because her husband was in town. On such days, she had to be content with urgent quickie she enjoyed from Sundar standing up in the bathroom, or bent over the kitchen table when his father spent his afternoons was at the club. 

If Rohini still felt horny and restless, she relieved her by masturbating. Sometimes her hunger for sex was too strong to control. Then she would lace her husband’s drink with a sleeping pill to make sure she could enjoy her son’s stud service late at night without any interruptions. 

Of course, Sundar loved waiting up for his mother, smiling happily as she lifted her petticoat to sheath his throbbing erection deep inside her hot, hungry cunt with a sigh of relief. Knowing that his father was sound asleep in another part of the house only served to increase Sundar’s passion and enthusiasm when he fucked his mother lovingly. Quite often, he had to muffle her moans of pleasure with loving kisses as he took her to another intense orgasm...!

Sundar sighed happily as he regarded the cock-stiffening sight of his mother’s big, juicy ass lifted high. Her full thighs were parted sufficiently to reveal her plump, hairy cunt mound in all its glory... She moaned softly when he eased a finger between her puffy nether lips and worked it gently in and out of her. His ripe, sexy mother was well-lubricated and ready for the deep, loving penetration she enjoyed so much. “Mmm ... you’re so wet and ready for your son’s cock Mom,” he said teasing her by rubbing his cockhead lovingly over her drooling cuntlips and puckered asshole. 

“Oohh ... sweetheart ... don’t tease Mummy so much. Enter me dahling ... can’t wait anymore.” Rohini sighed, eyes half closed in ecstasy. She moaned in delight when her son entered her, stretching and stuffing her greedy cunt with his succulent cock. 

Sundar embraced his mother by her hips, sighing happily as he felt the warmth of her sweet cunt flesh envelope his swollen cock. “Ooohh ... aah. .. Mom ... you feel soo good ... soooo good ... your sweet, juicy cunt feels soooo good,” he said, sighing softly as he worked his cock in and out of her in a slow, steady rhythm. 

Rohini moaned happily. Her dear son never hurried his fucking. She lifted her ass high to make sure he was penetrating her fully and deeply with every slow, loving thrust. “Mmm ... mmm ... umm ... ahhh ... aaaahhhh ... you’re sooo big! Love your big cock ... dahling ... love the way you make Mummy’s pussy feel so good with it,” she moaned softly, pleased to feel her son’s cockhead nudge her womb every time he buried his huge prick deep inside her.

Sundar was pleased to hear his mother moan and sigh in appreciation as he pleasured her. He fucked her lovingly for many wonderful minutes, letting his cock savour the sweetness of her soaking snatch. “Love you Mom ... you’re such a sexy woman ... love your sweet, juicy cunt ... love fucking you,” he sighed, planting hot kisses her back and neck as they fucked with a steady rhythm. 

Rohini’s moans and grunts of pleasure were muffled by the pillows she was resting her head on as she savoured her son’s sensuous screwing. Mmmm ... the naughty boy is so good at giving me what I need, she thought. 

Sundar kneaded his mother’s ample ass as he probed her pussy with his long, thick penis. 

Rohini savoured the variety of her son’s hot, sweet thrusting. Sometimes, he made her moan softly with long, slow fuck strokes, his hands reaching down to fondle her big tits. Then, she would be sobbing and gasping as he held her firmly by her hips and pounded her pussy with youthful vigour. Rohini moaned and whimpered happily through it all, eyes closed in lustful bliss, big buttocks lifted high to enjoy her son’s virile and vigorous thrusting. My darling son is so skilled at making love ... and fucking. I’m glad that I’m giving him a lot of practice to stay that way, she thought in a haze of lustful pleasure.

When Sundar stopped for a while to turn his mother around to face him in the missionary position, she smiled happily. Rohini’s full thighs doubled up against her big breasts as her son buried his prick deep inside her with a grunt of pleasure. “Aaahh! Mom ... that feels even better ... just can’t get enough of your juicy pussy ... feels sooo good round my cock ... and you’re such a passionate woman!” Sundar exclaimed, kissing his mother over and over again as he fucked her lovingly. 

Rohini sighed happily, her full hips moving in perfect rhythm to her son’s thrusts. 

Sundar grunted with pleasure as he buried his cock deep inside his mother, his balls slapping against her wet asscheeks with every passionate fuck stroke. It was so good to see how much she enjoyed his robust fucking.

Rohini was moaning and whimpering softly, her long legs brushing against her son’s as her hungry, soaking cunt devoured his succulent cock. Now and then, her voluptuous body would twist and turn in ecstasy as another orgasm swept over her. 

Sundar loved it when his mother held on to him tightly, shuddering and crying out in ecstasy as she enjoyed her orgasm. 

“You randy dog ... you fuck so well ... make me feel like a bitch in heat,” Rohini panted, smiling up at her son as her hips lifted off the bed to meet his strong, virile thrusts. 

“Oh yeah Mom ... it’s great to know you’re such a hot blooded woman in bed ... it makes our fucking so much more pleasurable. Makes me love you even more ... Love fucking you Mom. I’m one lucky mother loving son,” Sundar panted, kissing and nibbling his mother’s pretty face, neck and heaving boobs. 

Her full thighs embraced him snugly, her heels digging into his slim buttocks as he fucked her with his usual vigour and enthusiasm. It was so wonderful to hear her moan in pleasure every time he pulled his ten inch cock out fully before sinking it balls deep into her voracious cunt! Rohini’s full hips lifted off the bed to get as much of her son’s cock inside her, and she could feel his bulbous cockhead nudging her womb when it settled deep inside her with every fuckstroke.

“Mom ... I’m so glad that my hungry cock can taste your sweet juicy cunt so often ... that I can fill your belly with my hot sperm ... not every son is so lucky,” Sundar murmured, pleased to see his mother blush happily as he leisurely and lovingly explored her tight, silky pussy with his long, thick penis.

Lost in the rapture of their hot, incestuous union, mother and son were unaware that they were being watched. 

* * * *

Sundar’s sister, Preeti stood by the bedroom door watching her mother and brother silently.
Knowing her father was gone, she had come home early, eager to spend more time with them over a long weekend. Getting more and more aroused by what she saw, she reached under her skirt to rub her swollen clitoris. 

She had been feeling horny all through her four-hour bus journey, and now she was quickly losing control of herself ... Seeing her brother and mother fucking joyfully without any inhibitions always aroused and excited her. 

Preeti could clearly see the veined length of her brother’s cock lathered with her mother’s copious cunt juices every time he pulled out to bury it fully and deeply inside her again and again. 

And she could see how much pleasure her dear brother was giving his mother. 

Rohini was moaning softly, eyes half closed in in ecstasy, her heels digging into her son’s taut buttocks to keep him inside her just a bit longer every time he filled her voracious vagina with his succulent cock. 

Preeti moaned softly, fingering herself. “My brother’s cock is so big ... and thick ... must get my fair share soon,” she muttered softly to herself, taking off her clothes and cum stained underwear as she walked into the bedroom .... 

Sundar groaned in delight when he felt his sister’s tongue roam over his anus as she lovingly fondled his balls. “Oooh Mom ... look who’s here ... my hot little sister has come home a little early!” he exclaimed, enjoying the feel of Preeti’s hot tongue licking his balls and asshole. 

“Umm ... I’m not surprised sweetu ... I expected her here after I told her your father was leaving early in the morning,” Rohini said, her hips moving in steady rhythm to her son’s sweet thrusting. 

Preeti carried on licking and fondling her brother’s big balls, enjoying her close-up view of the hot, incestuous union of mother and son. Her mother’s full thighs were doubled up to hug her brother, allowing her to thoroughly enjoy his sensual thrusting a lot more as he stuffed and stretched her hungry pussy with his long, thick penis. 

Sundar was sighing softly, his slim buttocks stiffening every time he buried his huge prick deep inside her mother. He felt good to see and hear her moan and whimper happily. So good to see my lovely mother enjoying my fuck thoroughly, he marvelled. 

His sister’s horny tongue flicking expertly over his balls and asshole only served to increase his pleasure. His thrusting became quicker and more passionate. “Ohh ... ohh ... Mom ... can’t hold back any more... my naughty sister’s making make me lose control,” he panted, feeling his seed boiling and bubbling in his balls.

“Umm... mmm... that’s okay my darling son... it’s time you filled my belly with your hot, fresh cum...!” Rohini said, smiling up at him. She hugged her son with her full thighs, her heels digging into his back to hold him inside her just in time to feel his twitching cock lavishly coat her womb with hot jets of rich, creamy ball batter.

As usual, some of it oozed out of her well fucked pussy to run down her quivering buttocks. 

Rohini sighed in contentment as her son kissed her lovingly, his semi-erect cock still inside her. She was pleased that he liked to let his cock wallow in the sweetness of her snug, receptive cunt long after he had filled her belly with his hot, fresh cock cream. 

Their loving, incestuous intimacy became so much more meaningful when they fondled and caressed each other after some hot, satisfying mother-son sex.

But soon, Sundar had good reason to pull out of his ripe, sexy mother and lie back on the big double bed. His sister was impatient to feast on his cock, and he was just as eager to savour her hungry lips.
Seeing her mother and brother enjoy each other with their usual enthusiasm always served to make Preeti’s cunt drool and and itch for the satisfying length of her brother’s cock. She had been busy laving his big balls and asshole, bringing his half erect cock back to life even as he stayed inside his mother. 

Now, she was pleased to hear him sigh happily as she licked her mother’s juices off his rapidly hardening cock. 

Sundar groaned in delight as his sister took as much of his huge prick into her hot mouth as she could. 

Preeti’s silky lips stretched wide as they rippled over her brother’s enormous erection. “Mmmm ... mmmpfh ... mmfff ... he’s sooo big ... and thick ... I’ll love sucking him dry,” she thought as Sundar ran his fingers through her thick tresses.

“Umm... Ohhh... oh God... Preeti... my love... you take care of my cock just as well as Mom does... love your hungry lips... uhh... that feels soooo guddd...!”, Sundar said sighing in appreciation as his sister deep throated him voraciously. 

Rohini was pleased to see how much her daughter had learnt from watching her suck off her son.
“My naughty sister’s sucking is getting to be just as good as yours Mom!”, Sundar exclaimed, his eyes hazy with pleasure as Preeti ravenously throated and slurped at his quivering cock. 

Rohini swelled with pride. She had learnt all about oral sex from the many porn films she had watched cuddling up to her son. Sundar never wasted an opportunity to worship her pleasure craving body properly. He knew how to use his lips, tongue and fingers to inflame her needy flesh, paying particular attention to her cunt and asshole in a way that always left her panting for another hot fuck session. Which is why Rohini loved to pamper her dear son with the much needed relief of a shameless, satisfying blow-job whenever he wanted it. 

She had spent a lot of time showing her daughter how to take care of her brother’s frequent erections. It’s just what a loving, lusty brother should expect from his adoring and horny sister ... it’s good to see Preeti taking care of Sundar’s needs just as well as he will take care of hers, she thought, approving the way her daughter’s hungry lips caressed her son’s huge prick.

Rohini was relieved when she realized her only daughter instinctively understood the advantage of letting her virile, well-hung brother take care of her needs in bed. Preeti had blossomed into a voluptuous young woman with a friendly, trusting nature. Rohini knew the kind of problems her daughter could face if she let the wrong man get close to her. As they were more like friends than mother and daughter, Rohini felt comfortable discussing anything under the sun with Preeti. 

When it became apparent that her daughter experienced the same strong sexual urges that she herself felt all the time, Rohini decided it was time to point her in the right direction. She knew that Preeti spent a lot of time alone soothing her hot cunt with her fingers and a variety of other objects. Sitting her daughter down one day for a frank chat, she said “Preeti darling, I know you find it difficult to control your hunger for sex. So its perfectly alright to masturbate. In fact, it’s far better than getting into bed with some man who doesn’t care for you ... who will just use you and cast you aside.” 

Preeti had blushed, but quickly recovered her composure when it became clear that her mother approved what she was doing by herself in her bedroom.

“Uh ... Mom, I can’t help it ... I guess I’m not like you ... You look so contented and happy even when Dad is away from home most of the time ... I guess you just don’t need sex anymore.” 

Smiling smugly, Rohini had looked meaningfully at her daughter as she said “Quite the opposite darling ... I need sex all the time just like you do ... but I know how to get it without any problems.”
When Preeti looked at her questioningly, her mother elaborated further. 

Amazed at first by what she heard, Preeti found herself getting unbearably aroused as her mother revealed everything about her hot love affair with her virile son. “But Mom... I thought close relatives are forbidden to enjoy sex,” Preeti said. 

“Of course not, darling. Only narrow- minded people like your father still have hang-ups about incest in this day and age. They don’t have the common sense to realize that true love is more easily found within the family than outside it. People who are smart about sexual pleasure have enjoyed incest for years,” Rohini replied, quelling her fears. 

“Preeti ... life is tough already ... so why should I risk disease and other problems with men outside the family when your brother and I have found the perfect recipe for sexual bliss? Sundar really appreciates all the pussy he’s getting from me regularly. Your naughty brother has frequently taken me to his bedroom since we got ‘married’ me two years ago. He makes me lose all my inhibitions in a way your father’s never done. I was thrilled when Sundar showed me how we could easily and safely satisfy our sexual needs if we didn’t waste time on useless taboos. I’m so relieved that I can enjoy a totally satisfying fuck from my loving and sensuous son whenever I need it. Preeti, you should let your brother take care of your needs too. It’s the best way to enjoy all the sex you crave,” Rohini told her blushing daughter. 

Listening to her mother, Preeti felt her cunt itch and drool with need. 

Rohini glowed with the contentment of a woman who regularly enjoyed her son’s lovemaking and fucking.  After giving Mom so much pleasure in bed, it’s just so perfect that my brother should be the first man to taste my virgin pussy, Preeti thought, feeling incredibly horny. She often fantasized about her good-looking brother when she played with herself and realized she was silly to feel guilty about it when her mother had nothing but praise for Sundar’s sexual prowess.

Preeti’s sex education began soon after that on a long weekend when she accompanied her mother on one of her regular visits to brother’s apartment. With her heart beating faster, she looked on in amazement as her brother pulled his mother lovingly to him and kissed her full on the lips. 

Sundar’s hands had eagerly dropped down to cup and squeeze his mother’s full buttocks as he kissed her hungrily. 

Enjoying her son’s sensuous embrace, Rohini kissed him back just as fervently, moaning and rubbing her pussy into his groin. 

Just when Preeti thought they had all but forgotten her, Sundar broke away from his mother and took her in his arms. Preeti felt dizzy, a hot rush of blood making her cunt tingle as Sundar kissed her fiercely. It was her very first kiss and it seemed to go on forever. When her brother’s hands easily moved downwards to take off her panties, a shiver of anticipation made her tremble. Preeti gasped with pleasure when Sundar worked his middle finger gently in and out of her cunt. 

“Mmm ... you’re ssooo wet down there honey ... can’t wait to taste my beautiful sister’s virgin pussy,” he said, making her blush as he kissed her again. 

Preeti leaned contentedly against her brother as he undressed her completely, admiring her curvaceous body as he did so. Then, as his sister held on to him, Sundar undressed his mother while she helped him get rid of his jeans and t-shirt. 

Preeti looked on in wonder as her mother dropped to her knees to plant a long, loving kiss on her brother’s huge prick. She had no idea that a man could be so big and thick. Mom looks so happy ... so contented, she thought as Rohini eased back the foreskin of her son’s cock to plant more kisses on his swollen, apple-shaped cock head. 

When she finally swallowed as much of Sundar’s cock as possible, he sighed happily, his hands going down to cradle his mother’s head gently as he fucked his cock in and out of her hot mouth. “Preeti, I’m so lucky that Mom’s such a loving and passionate woman ... we give each other a lot of pleasure ... and we’re thrilled that you want to join us too.”

After a while, Rohini let go off her son’s cock with a loud plop and smiled up at her daughter. “Get down here, honey ... let me show you how to take care of your brother’s cock ... because he certainly knows how to take care of your hot young pussy.” 

Sundar quickly made himself comfortable on the nearest couch to better enjoy all the attention lavished on his throbbing erection as his voluptuous mother taught his juicy young sister the fine art of fellatio. 

Preeti watched attentively as her mother feasted on her brother’s cock, making it glisten with saliva as she shamelessly throated and slurped every inch of the succulent meat with ravenous hunger.
Every now and then, Rohini would flick her tongue over her son’s bulbous cock head to swab away the pearly drops of pre-cum oozing from it ... or coddle his big balls in her hot mouth. 

Sundar’s eyes were hazy with pleasure as he tenderly ran his fingers through his mother’s thick tresses. “Preeti, I love to worship Mom’s ripe, firm body as often as I can ... and I always pay special attention to her beautiful cunt and asshole. This is her way of showing me how much she appreciates it,” he said, smiling at his sister. 

“Get over here darling ... say ‘hello’ to your brother’s beautiful cock,” Rohini said, smiling saucily at her daughter. 

Preeti quickly got down on her knees next to her mother to do as she was told. Her dainty fingers barely managed to encircle the thick, throbbing shaft and she had to open her mouth wide to wrap her full lips around the bulbous cock head. 

“Oh God ... your lips feels so good on my cock, honey ... soooo good,” Sundar said, sighing with pleasure as Preeti tried to swallow as much of cock meat as she could. Holding his sister’s head firmly with both hands, Sundar worked his cock gently in and out of her mouth for a while, getting her accustomed to his length and thickness. From the way she eagerly sucked and throated him, it was clear that his horny sister would give his cock as much love and affection as his mother did.

As Preeti slurped away at her brother’s huge prick, she felt her cunt twitch and drool with anticipation. Apart from her dainty fingers, she had used a variety of objects to soothe the hot itch in her cunt from time to time. None of the candles and cucumbers she had used compared favorably to the meaty monster filling her mouth! Nothing can soothe my horny pussy as well my brother’s cock, she thought happily, her head bobbing up and down as she feasted on her brother’s long, thick penis.
His sister’s voracious sucking soon had Sundar fighting the urge to come. “Take it easy sweetheart ... slow down just a little bit,” he murmured more than once, eager to prolong the enormous pleasure his sister’s silky, sensuous lips were giving him.

He got off the couch and lay back on the floor, quickly assuming a 69 position with his sister on top. Palming her plump asscheeks in his big hands, Sundar buried his face in Preeti’s plump, hairy cunt mound. His sister moaned and jerked, startled as his tongue lashed out at her cunt lips and the puckered rosebud of her pungent asshole. “Mmm ... my hot little sister tastes sooo good ... you’ve such a beautiful cunt sweetheart ... just like your mother,” he said, as he continued to lave and love both her orifices. 

Preeti’s cock sucking became a little less frenzied as her brother’s delightful tongue and fingers distracted her.

Rohini was pleased to see her daughter moan and writhe in ecstasy as her son’s skillful tongue fucking brought her to orgasm more than once, her thighs gripping her brother’s face when she sprayed him with her cunt juices. She realized that Sundar had controlled his ejaculation for too long and decided she wanted to taste some of the abundant sperm he was soon going to give his sister. “Preeti darling ... you’re soon going to enjoy your first taste of your brother’s sperm ... make sure you don’t waste any,” she said, smiling as she joined her daughter on the floor. 

Sundar groaned in delight as his mother and sister took turns to ravish his cock with their hot, hungry mouths. How he had longed for this day. He was glad it had finally come to pass. Relaxed under Preeti, his face buried in her musky cunt mound, he was the happiest man alive as his mother and sister made him lose control.

“Ohh ... ohhh ... noo ... oohh gawd ... can’t hold back any more,” he groaned, as he felt his bubbling, boiling cum race up his cock shaft.

Warned by her mother, Preeti already had her brother’s twitching cock firmly trapped in her mouth when he hosed her throat with hot jets of creamy cum. “Mmm ... mmmff ... mmmm ... mmmffhhh,” was all she could manage to say as she greedily gobbled the generous serving of thick sperm. 

Her mother had already told her that her brother’s cum tasted like unsweetened condensed milk. Now she knew it was no exaggeration.

As Rohini joined her daughter in licking away the remnants of cum oozing from her son’s cock, Preeti noticed that Sundar was still quite erect. “Surprised that he’s still quite stiff darling? Sundar is an exceptionally virile man. Let’s get him ready for your very first brother-sister fuck session,” Rohini said smiling, before easing her lips down over her son’s big cock. 

Sundar began to groan softly with pleasure as his mother and sister took turns at bringing his half-erect cock back to a satisfying stiffness. 

“Honey, squat over your brother’s cock and take him inside you till you feel him touching your hymen,” Rohini said softly to her daughter. 

Preeti was only too eager to do her mother’s bidding and gasped with surprise when her brother’s bulbous cock head stretched her virgin cunt lips wide open.

Smiling up at her, Sundar reached behind his sister to cup and caress her full, firm buttocks. “Aah ... my hungry cock is finally going to taste my sister’s sweet, juicy cunt,” he murmured as Preeti bent forward to kiss him. 

Preeti blushed, feeling a thrill of excitement mixed with anxiety when her brother’s cockhead nudged her unbroken hymen. 

Sundar felt the same sense of anticipation and excitement that his sister did. “Not every brother is lucky to enjoy his sister’s virgin pussy ... thank you my Preeti ... thank you Mom,” he exclaimed, not at all in a hurry to get over this very special moment in their lives. 

Supporting her weight on her knees, Preeti humped herself gently onto her brother’s huge prick to let her cunt get accustomed to its size. She had never felt so full before, and knew right away that she was going to feed her hungry pussy with Sundar’s exceptionally long and thick penis as often as possible.

Caressing and kneading Preeti’s plump asscheeks, Sundar carried on kissing her. Lubricating his thick middle finger with saliva, he made his sister gasp with pleasure when he worked it in and out of her tight, hot asshole. Keen to avoid breaking her hymen too soon, he was content to let his cock savor the silken sheath of her juicy pussy for many wonderful minutes. “Mmm ... my little sister is just as hot as you are Mom ... guess I’ll be tasting her pussy just as often as I taste yours,” he said, smiling at his voluptuous mother reclining naked on the carpeted floor next to them. 

Looking at him fondly, Rohini blew her son a kiss. “That’s how we would like it darling. You’re the man of the house now ... and it’s your duty to keep your mother and sister fully satisfied in bed,” she said, smiling at her son. 

Then Preeti squealed softly, her pleasure mixed with just a little pain as her brother cupped her buttocks and pulled her gently down onto his huge prick. Her hymen gave way easily and she moaned with pleasure as her Sundar rooted all ten inches of his pussy-pleasing cock inside her. 

Cupping his sister’s full buttocks firmly, Sundar moved her up and down on his throbbing rod to feed her hungry pussy with succulent cock meat over and over again. “Ahhh ... uhhh ... Sis ... your cunnie feels so damn good ... you’re so tight and hot!” he exclaimed, marveling at the feel of his sister’s virgin cunt lips clutching and caressing his craving cock. 

Preeti moaned and whimpered happily as her brother fucked her with practiced ease. “My darling brother ... your sister’s pussy is yours forever,” she said after a while, smiling mischievously. 

Sundar was pleased to realize what she meant, and was content to caress and kiss his sister as she humped herself on to his quivering rod. After a while, he rolled over her even as Preeti doubled up her thighs and locked her ankles behind him. 

“Ooohh ...ohhh ... aahhh ... aaaahhhh ... ummmm ... aaahhh ... bro ... your cock feels sooo good ... soooooo good!” Preeti cried out, moaning softly as her brother pleasured her with sensuous vigour.
“Ohhhh ... uhhhhh .... uhrrhhh ... Sis ... your’s sooo tight ... love your juicy pussy ... makes my cock feel sooo good,” Sundar said, his hips moving with practiced ease. His big balls slapped wetly against Preeti’s plump ass cheeks as he buried his cock over and over again inside his sister’s simmering, slushy slit. 

Feeling her cunt drool and itch with need, Rohini looked on indulgently as her son and daughter enjoyed their incestuous coupling.

As he continued to fuck his sister, Sundar was thrilled to feel his mother’s fingers tease and coddle his big balls. “Oooh Mom, that feels too good. I’ll cum if you carry on like that!” he exclaimed. 

“Hmm ... not so fast honey. I want inside me once more before you shoot your load,” Rohini said giggling. Watching her son and daughter fuck joyfully had aroused her tremendously and she was eager to soothe her hot, mature cunt with the satisfying stiffness of her son’s tireless young cock. A tremor of hot lust coursed through her voluptuous body when she realised that Sundar would last so much longer when he mounted her. 

“Mom is hungry for me too ... let me satisfy her,” Sundar said to Preeti, smiling at his mother as she continued to play with his balls. 

“Ooof ... oh ... Bro. I wanted you to cum inside me once more,” Preeti said, looking a little miffed as her bother pulled out of her. 

“Preeti darling... there’s plenty of time for that later ... watching your brother fucking you has made me sooo horny ... I just can’t wait any longer ... please enter me right now son ... I need some good fucking ... need your big cock deep inside me,” Rohini said. Smiling at her son, she lay back and spread her legs to welcome him. 

Preeti watched in fascination as her mother doubled up her thighs to allow Sundar to mount her. 

Rohini moaned softly with pleasure, her thighs gripping her son as he entered her fully and deeply. 

Sundar kissed his mother, sighing happily as he began to fuck her slowly with smooth and sensuous strokes. 

Watching her mother and brother settle down to the rhythm of a leisurely fuck session, Preeti’s hand idly travelled to her brother’s balls. She caressed them lovingly, enjoying the close up view of Sundar’s big cock stretching and stuffing her mother’s hungry pussy with succulent man meat. 

Rohini’s moans and grunts of pleasure mingled pleasantly with the squelching, sucking sounds of her son’s cock burying itself over and over again inside her steaming, slushy slit. “Ooohhh ... uhh ... uhhh ... aaahhhh! Your cock feels sooo guuddd ... fuck me son ... fuck me good ... Mummy loves your big cock ... love your hot fucking honey,” Rohini panted, moaning and whimpering happily.

Working her fingers in and out of her recently fucked and creamed pussy, Preeti enjoyed the wonderful view of her mother and brother lost in the rapture of their incestuous union. “It makes me sooo hot ... just seeing my sexy brother fuck Mom so lovingly,” she mused. 

With her thighs doubled up to flatten her big breasts, Rohini’s big, full buttocks quivered with pleasure as she savored each virile thrust of her son’s big cock. 

Sundar grunted and sighed with pleasure, his slim buttocks stiffening every time he buried his cock deep inside his mother’s sweet, receptive cunt. 

Knowing that her daughter was watching her get fucked lovingly had clearly made his mother wetter and hotter than usual. Her tight, juicy pussy clutched and milked his cock like never before, her big buttocks lifting off the floor to enjoy his passionate pussy pumping a lot more. 

“Uh ...Ohh ... oohhh ... Mom, you’re so hot and horny today. I just can’t hold back any longer ... I ... I’m gonna cum any time now,” Sundar panted, feeling his seed bubble and boil as it raced up his cock shaft. 

“Honey, squeeze your brother’s balls gently ... make sure he empties every drop of cum inside me,” Rohini told her daughter, smiling triumphantly at her son as she dug her heels into his buttocks to keep him trapped inside her. 

A moment later, both mother and daughter were thrilled to hear Sundar groan in delight as he came copiously. 

Preeti watched her mother’s face glow in contentment as her brother flooded her belly with his hot seed. My brother’s big balls produce so much sperm, Preeti thought in wonderment as she gently squeezed her Sundar’s testicles. Some of his abundant cum flowed out of her mother’s pussy to coat her ass cheeks and thighs. 

“That was a really satisfying fuck session Mom ... thanks a lot,” Sundar said, kissing his mother lovingly all over her face and neck. 

“You should thank your sister, honey. Our fucking was a lot more passionate today because she was watching us,” Rohini said, winking at Preeti. 

“Hmm ... of course Mom. From now on, we must enjoy the pleasures of family love together as much as possible,” Sundar agreed, kissed his mother lovingly over and over again.

Sundar finally pulled out of his mother and lay back contented on the carpeted living room floor. “It feels so good to be totally drained by my two favourite women!” he exclaimed, smiling as he idly caressed his naked mother and sister lying on either side of him. 

“Mmm ... thanks darling ... it’s such a relief to have a virile son and brother to soothe our hot cunts regularly ... no? ” Rohini asked her daughter, smiling saucily as she played with her son’s cock. 

“Yessss ... you can say that again Mom. I was wondering ... when did both of you decide that the pleasures of family love are the sweetest?” Preeti queried, looking askance at her mother and brother.

“Well darling, I guess it was when I noticed that Sundar loved sniffing my soiled panties. He also liked to rub them against his huge erection. Preeti, you should’ve seen the dreamy look on your brother’s face when he did that. I especially loved to hear him groan with delight when he sprayed his seed into the soiled crotch of my panties,” Rohini said, flashing a smile at her good-looking son. 

“Well Preeti ... Dad was clearly neglecting Mom ... she was spending so much time playing with herself! I wanted her to know that I was well-equipped to take care of her needs in bed ... before she decided to look for sex elsewhere and ruined her reputation in the neighborhood,” Sundar replied. 

“My dear, darling son ... I’m certainly not complaining. Your father never cared to give me the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you’re so good at giving me. He always finished quickly and rolled off to sleep, not bothering to find out if I had enjoyed myself. So I was very happy to see how eager you were to satisfy my hunger for good sex,” Rohini said, smiling at her son and daughter.

“Yeah ... Preeti, I was pleased to know that Dad was not satisfying Mom in bed, because it meant that I had a chance with her. Like many virile young men, I fantasized a lot about my mother. I feel there’s nothing wrong if a well-hung son lets his sex-hungry mother know that he can take care of her bedroom needs. I wanted Mom to know that she is a sexy, sensuous woman who makes my cock stiffen with need, and that’s just what I did,” Sundar added, his hands roaming lovingly over his mother’s voluptuous body.

“Hmm ... and how! Your brother took his time to seduce me ... to let me know I was a very desirable woman,” Rohini said smiling. 

“Preeti darling, I just wanted Mom to see that incest was best. The world outside is a crazy place; why risk disease and other problems looking for sex with the wrong people when we can satisfy our sexual needs safely at home? Like many close relatives, we’re lucky to know that hot, incestuous sex only makes our love stronger and sweeter. There are so many mothers and sons, brothers and sisters as well as other close relatives who happily acknowledge that their sexual desire for each other as the natural outcome of a deep love that has developed over time. They have no use for outdated taboos and indulge in their sexual desires to their heart’s content. So why not us?” Sundar asked, smiling at his two favorite women.

“Preeti, by the time your sexy brother carried me to his bedroom for our very first fuck session, I was fully aware of what I’d been missing. I knew I was going to get the best loving and fucking I’d ever enjoyed. Sundar certainly knew how to excite me and leave me soaking wet with need. He is so skilled at arousing me with his loving lips and hands, and also by rubbing his big, beautiful cock against me every time he could. I knew it was only a matter of time before I regularly started spreading my legs for my dear son,” Rohini said, giggling happily.

“Well Mom ... I am certainly grateful that you gave me all the encouragement I needed. It was such a relief to know you wanted your son to pleasure you regularly with a loving and satisfying fuck session,” Sundar said smiling mischievously as he gently fingered his mother’s well-reamed pussy, now slick with his cum. 

“Mmm ... and you made me feel soooo good. I knew right then that a mother and son or brother and sister can only get really close to each other when they enjoy fucking to their heart’s content,” Rohini said, smiling mischievously as she lovingly stroked her son’s cock. 

“Sis, I was so thrilled to know that Mom is such a passionate woman. The way she kissed me and hugged me with her thighs when I mounted her for the very first time. And her hot moans of pleasure as she enjoyed my sensuous thrusting, it was enough to let me know that she would appreciate some sensual fucking on a regular basis from her horny son. Mom was so thrilled when I fucked her lovingly for a long time on our ‘wedding night’, I was in heaven when I finally sprayed my seed deep inside her belly. I was nourishing the womb that nourished me for nine months,” Sundar said, looking at his mother lovingly. 

“Mmmm ... it always feels so good to get a bellyful of my son’s potent, baby-making sperm. Preeti, your naughty brother has spoilt me thoroughly ever since, and made me pregnant more than once. So I had my tubes tied up a while ago, because I feel very horny and restless if I miss his hot loving and fucking for more than a couple of days. My loving son is the best husband I can ask for,” Rohini said, a saucy smile playing on her lips as she looked adoringly at Sundar.

“Now you will also have to keep me satisfied bro. I want to be your wife too. I need your big, beautiful cock just as much as Mom does. I want to be pleasured just as much!” Preeti exclaimed, her hand reaching down to fondle her brother’s thick penis which was slowly, but definitely getting hard again. 

“Of course, my darling sister. I want to taste you as often as I taste Mom. I will always be hungry for you and Mom, and enjoy satisfying both of you in bed,” Sundar said, his voice thick with emotion.
He had always believed that his cock would get the most satisfaction buried deep inside the sweet, receptive cunts of close female relatives. 

From the way his mother and sister fondly lovingly fondled and caressed his huge prick, it was clear they felt the same way. Sundar took pride in being the family stud and stayed in peak condition with regular workouts at the gym. 

It was satisfying to know his efforts were not wasted. It felt so good to know that his mother and sister would always be eager to spread their legs for him. 

Of course, they were demanding women in bed. But Sundar was grateful for every delicious minute of incestuous intimacy he could enjoy with them. He had realized long ago that soothing his hot-cunted mother and sister with some shameless, sensual fucking was the most satisfying sex he would ever enjoy. 

He was glad that his mother and sister felt the same way. They had no intention of letting women outside the family taste the thick, creamy sperm his big, fertile balls produced in such abundance. What more could a loving son and brother ask for? he thought to himself, smiling at the two women who meant more to him than anyone else.

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Praful How I became a male prostitute Part V

Slowly started touching the area between the honey pot and honey hole.. started licking there… that was the trigger for a storm.. she was moaning loudly and started pressing my head to bury in the honey pot… this act continued more than ten minutes… she was getting overwhelmed with ectacasy and started rubbing on the mound … she had an exploding orgasm and collapsed on the sofa …. I covered her with a blanket and left her to take recoup

I then got up, brought our drinks to the table, and waited for her to gain composure…

Well, when she started moving lazily went near her and started kissing …

She brightly smiled and got up and told boy, that was one helluva experience… really mind blowing and earth shattering… Baby you are wonderful… I could not have asked for more…

With that I handed her vodka, and squeezed a fresh lime over it … with some cut vegetables (she is conscious of fried foods) dipped in vinegar and dried gooseberries soaked in honey (specially imported from Australia) … she says one gooseberry revitalize and bring her back with energy… she covered herself with the blanket and started chitchatting over the drink …

While chitchatting I sat next to her, started nibbling with my mouth around her neck, and caressed her back…

Hey.. that is tickling me…

Slowly started smooching around her bicep, cleavage area and started nibbling the nipples, around the areole and under mound… she was gaining the vigor.. you can make out…. I forgot to mention about that areole… it is light brown with milky white back ground without any bumps... the nipple was a smooth bud, but real erect…

Baby, we are here for the past three and half hours and yet not gone inside the bed room. Come let us go inside ; I am feeling hungry and wanted your jism to fill me.. come ..

I was surprised.. do you swallow the cum..

Yes, baby, my doctor had advised I need lot of proteins and cum is full of protein you see.. and after seeing the nicely shaven and smooth and hard member of yours, if I don’t eat the prasadam I will be banished …

Once again she led me by my dick like mother dragging the kid with the hands…

One condition… like when you were licking me, I didn’t disturb your dick, you are also not suppose to disturb me .. I want to pay attention completely to this swollen banana without any distractions.. and if you hold for three minutes of sucking I have a surprise for you…

I told her I agree… before that I have one unfilled wish.. can I do that before you get into act…

What is it

I am very much attracted to your armpits.. so smooth … can I lick it..

Wwwwwhat… you want to lick my armpits… will you… baby you are a darling.. I love that.. but many people say they get turned off , that is why I didn’t ask you .. come one baby please please…

I made her to lie down on my side and started sniffing that armpits… it was amazing.. the sweat smell was engulfing.. it was giving me a heady feeling.. then I slowly started running the tip of my tongue all over the armpits… she was climbing to heaven nine.. she held my hair tightly and started pressing me.. with one hand I started playing with the other armpit and moved to that … then started slurping heavily… after heavy licking she also started reciprocating starting from my nipples and then freshly shaven armpits of mine…

That was a real arousal we both had…. With that head smell I kissed her on lips… her eyes were gleaming and once again she was on fire…

Baby you cant once again push me to orgasm… now it is my turn… lie down.. relax and enjoy the pampering…

I lied on my back with my dick standing like a flagpole at 90degree…

She once again started from my nipples and then she licked on my navel and then slowly went down skirting the dick she kissed all around … more than kissing she drooled her tongue.. slowly she started playing with my balls.. then from base till top she licked and at the top the bud , she started kissing and then started sucking like kids eating lolly pop.. then she started moving up and down at the same time playing with my balls and she was able to take the full length into mouth… while doing so her fingers started massaging my scrotum… I was unable to sustain more than two minutes inspite all my efforts.. and blasted a heavy load into her mouth.. in my memory that might be the biggest load I shot off… like a hungry child, she gulped every drop…. then also she didn’t leave and wiped off till last droplet and then only she came down. And I am once again collapsed on the bed…

I ddint know how long I would have dozed off… when I woke up and saw the time it was around two in the night and she was no where in the sight… went to the hall and felt very thirsty and hungry.. so searched for the fridge in the kitchen and took the water bottle and some strawberry and grapes kept in a bowl and headed to the hall and started calling her Heema , Heema… I hear her from the top one minute.. coming… wait in the bed room only

After five minutes, she was coming down… now she had changed into a blue color saree… completely decked up.. with full make up and jasmine flowers on the hair.. golden bangles and ornaments including ottiyanam on the hip.. when she came down only I saw.. she was not wearing anything underneath.. no blouse, no bra… and it was a thin transparent saree… boy I tell you.. you need to see to believe it … even if you had seen a lady just then completely naked, if you again see her like this, without any underlying material , only on saree, it arouses you to greater extent..

I was dumb struck and mouth wide opened.. Heema you are a real sex goddess.. and you know how to bring back life to a dead cock …

Baby, I told you I have a surprise for you… when I am really on high and completely satisfied for my lover I reserve this act…

With that when she came and sat and baby can you make a drink for me ; I want a stiff one … wanted to really have a heady feeling … I made a stiff drink for her and for me a very diluted one since my capacity is only two drinks and this will surely send me tipsy..

I don’t have words to describe watching her and stealing the glimpse of her milky white boobs bouncing through little opening on the sides ….

After that once again we had a real hot sex… this time she was ridding on me and I was playing with her boobs, nibbling them and sucking the nipples… after some time we tried doggy and then again she came on me .. since this was fourth on a row we took longer time and she was all over me.. finally when she was physically tired, I came over her and started pounding real hard and then finally I came and both collapsed on the bed.. I slept like a log and when woke up next day it was nine in the morning… she was also getting out of the sleep and we cuddled together and she told let me get some coffee for you .

She called on the intercom and told two coffee… after five minutes some one knocked on the door… I was hurriedly tried to cover ourselves.. she told no issues.. my cook is used to this… and was sitting there completely naked.. the cook, one middle aged man came inside.. and served coffee..

Then she told he is my cook ramu; he takes care of this house since I come here once a while only and he is a eunuch and really not interested in any of this.

She is full of surprise..

Then we took bath together and had one final round there in the Jacuzzi and then came out and had a very heavy breakfast… (sprouts, brown bread, honey, cut fruit and fruit juice was the heavy break fast) .

Praful How I became a male prostitute Part VI

Then she told me I need to pay you 25000/- towards the agency and my tip to you is this .. she gave me Rs.7500/- separate and small gift… I asked her what is this… she told open it and see… when opened I found a nice wrist watch..

Baby you really gave me a good time . In near times, I never had such a satisfying experience and I love it… hope we meet again.. and I know your name is not Praful and mine also not Heema…

Bye take care.. I need to be in town for a lunch meeting. So I am in a hurry;

I also kissed her and then said bye and left…
It was amazing for the last 12 hours also we were so intimate, but never ever she shares nor asked any personal details or made any personal comments.. one professional lady..

Then I called Anchal..

Hi Anchal good afternoon… how are you

Hi Praful .. good… How about you.. did you have a good time…

Yes, Anchal, real good time.. never expected such a treat with a payment..

That is what this world Praful … enjoy and earn…

Well did you collect 25000/- ;

Yes Anchal she gave me cash ..

You need to deposit 12500 to our account and remaining is yours. By mistake we had mentioned to you earlier as 30%; since the clients will be premium, for the initial five meetings it will be 50% and once you are regular in our list it will be 30%.

I told okay… thought even if I have to pay 100% back to you, for such meetings, I am okay…

You can keep the tip with you only.. no need to share that with us.

Sure Anchal; I will straight away drive to ICICI ATM and deposit the cash in your account and send a message to confirm the same..

Okay Praful … when will you be available next.. can we fix meetings in the week days..

No Anchal, weekends will be preferred since I work in the night, prefer the weekends. Some good clients like this lady, I will try and come during week days.

Praful , I forgot to ask you, are you okay to try adventurous things or want to keep it strait..

I didn’t get you

No some tine we get clients with request two people for one lady or two ladies and one male. Will you be okay with such requests…

I told two girls and me okay, but not with two males and one lady situation..

Okay… I will discuss with you before hand committing to the clients.. Take care and have nice rest and week ahead and don’t forget to text me once credited to my account… and hope you haven’t shared your personal details and contact numbers…

No I haven’t ..

And erase her numbers also.. please remember what I had told you earlier.. never breach the trust… more than any thing this business runs on trust…

Sure will take care…

And will wait for your message…

Sure bye…

So overnight the life had turned itself…