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Praful How I became a male prostitute Part V

Slowly started touching the area between the honey pot and honey hole.. started licking there… that was the trigger for a storm.. she was moaning loudly and started pressing my head to bury in the honey pot… this act continued more than ten minutes… she was getting overwhelmed with ectacasy and started rubbing on the mound … she had an exploding orgasm and collapsed on the sofa …. I covered her with a blanket and left her to take recoup

I then got up, brought our drinks to the table, and waited for her to gain composure…

Well, when she started moving lazily went near her and started kissing …

She brightly smiled and got up and told boy, that was one helluva experience… really mind blowing and earth shattering… Baby you are wonderful… I could not have asked for more…

With that I handed her vodka, and squeezed a fresh lime over it … with some cut vegetables (she is conscious of fried foods) dipped in vinegar and dried gooseberries soaked in honey (specially imported from Australia) … she says one gooseberry revitalize and bring her back with energy… she covered herself with the blanket and started chitchatting over the drink …

While chitchatting I sat next to her, started nibbling with my mouth around her neck, and caressed her back…

Hey.. that is tickling me…

Slowly started smooching around her bicep, cleavage area and started nibbling the nipples, around the areole and under mound… she was gaining the vigor.. you can make out…. I forgot to mention about that areole… it is light brown with milky white back ground without any bumps... the nipple was a smooth bud, but real erect…

Baby, we are here for the past three and half hours and yet not gone inside the bed room. Come let us go inside ; I am feeling hungry and wanted your jism to fill me.. come ..

I was surprised.. do you swallow the cum..

Yes, baby, my doctor had advised I need lot of proteins and cum is full of protein you see.. and after seeing the nicely shaven and smooth and hard member of yours, if I don’t eat the prasadam I will be banished …

Once again she led me by my dick like mother dragging the kid with the hands…

One condition… like when you were licking me, I didn’t disturb your dick, you are also not suppose to disturb me .. I want to pay attention completely to this swollen banana without any distractions.. and if you hold for three minutes of sucking I have a surprise for you…

I told her I agree… before that I have one unfilled wish.. can I do that before you get into act…

What is it

I am very much attracted to your armpits.. so smooth … can I lick it..

Wwwwwhat… you want to lick my armpits… will you… baby you are a darling.. I love that.. but many people say they get turned off , that is why I didn’t ask you .. come one baby please please…

I made her to lie down on my side and started sniffing that armpits… it was amazing.. the sweat smell was engulfing.. it was giving me a heady feeling.. then I slowly started running the tip of my tongue all over the armpits… she was climbing to heaven nine.. she held my hair tightly and started pressing me.. with one hand I started playing with the other armpit and moved to that … then started slurping heavily… after heavy licking she also started reciprocating starting from my nipples and then freshly shaven armpits of mine…

That was a real arousal we both had…. With that head smell I kissed her on lips… her eyes were gleaming and once again she was on fire…

Baby you cant once again push me to orgasm… now it is my turn… lie down.. relax and enjoy the pampering…

I lied on my back with my dick standing like a flagpole at 90degree…

She once again started from my nipples and then she licked on my navel and then slowly went down skirting the dick she kissed all around … more than kissing she drooled her tongue.. slowly she started playing with my balls.. then from base till top she licked and at the top the bud , she started kissing and then started sucking like kids eating lolly pop.. then she started moving up and down at the same time playing with my balls and she was able to take the full length into mouth… while doing so her fingers started massaging my scrotum… I was unable to sustain more than two minutes inspite all my efforts.. and blasted a heavy load into her mouth.. in my memory that might be the biggest load I shot off… like a hungry child, she gulped every drop…. then also she didn’t leave and wiped off till last droplet and then only she came down. And I am once again collapsed on the bed…

I ddint know how long I would have dozed off… when I woke up and saw the time it was around two in the night and she was no where in the sight… went to the hall and felt very thirsty and hungry.. so searched for the fridge in the kitchen and took the water bottle and some strawberry and grapes kept in a bowl and headed to the hall and started calling her Heema , Heema… I hear her from the top one minute.. coming… wait in the bed room only

After five minutes, she was coming down… now she had changed into a blue color saree… completely decked up.. with full make up and jasmine flowers on the hair.. golden bangles and ornaments including ottiyanam on the hip.. when she came down only I saw.. she was not wearing anything underneath.. no blouse, no bra… and it was a thin transparent saree… boy I tell you.. you need to see to believe it … even if you had seen a lady just then completely naked, if you again see her like this, without any underlying material , only on saree, it arouses you to greater extent..

I was dumb struck and mouth wide opened.. Heema you are a real sex goddess.. and you know how to bring back life to a dead cock …

Baby, I told you I have a surprise for you… when I am really on high and completely satisfied for my lover I reserve this act…

With that when she came and sat and baby can you make a drink for me ; I want a stiff one … wanted to really have a heady feeling … I made a stiff drink for her and for me a very diluted one since my capacity is only two drinks and this will surely send me tipsy..

I don’t have words to describe watching her and stealing the glimpse of her milky white boobs bouncing through little opening on the sides ….

After that once again we had a real hot sex… this time she was ridding on me and I was playing with her boobs, nibbling them and sucking the nipples… after some time we tried doggy and then again she came on me .. since this was fourth on a row we took longer time and she was all over me.. finally when she was physically tired, I came over her and started pounding real hard and then finally I came and both collapsed on the bed.. I slept like a log and when woke up next day it was nine in the morning… she was also getting out of the sleep and we cuddled together and she told let me get some coffee for you .

She called on the intercom and told two coffee… after five minutes some one knocked on the door… I was hurriedly tried to cover ourselves.. she told no issues.. my cook is used to this… and was sitting there completely naked.. the cook, one middle aged man came inside.. and served coffee..

Then she told he is my cook ramu; he takes care of this house since I come here once a while only and he is a eunuch and really not interested in any of this.

She is full of surprise..

Then we took bath together and had one final round there in the Jacuzzi and then came out and had a very heavy breakfast… (sprouts, brown bread, honey, cut fruit and fruit juice was the heavy break fast) .

Praful How I became a male prostitute Part VI

Then she told me I need to pay you 25000/- towards the agency and my tip to you is this .. she gave me Rs.7500/- separate and small gift… I asked her what is this… she told open it and see… when opened I found a nice wrist watch..

Baby you really gave me a good time . In near times, I never had such a satisfying experience and I love it… hope we meet again.. and I know your name is not Praful and mine also not Heema…

Bye take care.. I need to be in town for a lunch meeting. So I am in a hurry;

I also kissed her and then said bye and left…
It was amazing for the last 12 hours also we were so intimate, but never ever she shares nor asked any personal details or made any personal comments.. one professional lady..

Then I called Anchal..

Hi Anchal good afternoon… how are you

Hi Praful .. good… How about you.. did you have a good time…

Yes, Anchal, real good time.. never expected such a treat with a payment..

That is what this world Praful … enjoy and earn…

Well did you collect 25000/- ;

Yes Anchal she gave me cash ..

You need to deposit 12500 to our account and remaining is yours. By mistake we had mentioned to you earlier as 30%; since the clients will be premium, for the initial five meetings it will be 50% and once you are regular in our list it will be 30%.

I told okay… thought even if I have to pay 100% back to you, for such meetings, I am okay…

You can keep the tip with you only.. no need to share that with us.

Sure Anchal; I will straight away drive to ICICI ATM and deposit the cash in your account and send a message to confirm the same..

Okay Praful … when will you be available next.. can we fix meetings in the week days..

No Anchal, weekends will be preferred since I work in the night, prefer the weekends. Some good clients like this lady, I will try and come during week days.

Praful , I forgot to ask you, are you okay to try adventurous things or want to keep it strait..

I didn’t get you

No some tine we get clients with request two people for one lady or two ladies and one male. Will you be okay with such requests…

I told two girls and me okay, but not with two males and one lady situation..

Okay… I will discuss with you before hand committing to the clients.. Take care and have nice rest and week ahead and don’t forget to text me once credited to my account… and hope you haven’t shared your personal details and contact numbers…

No I haven’t ..

And erase her numbers also.. please remember what I had told you earlier.. never breach the trust… more than any thing this business runs on trust…

Sure will take care…

And will wait for your message…

Sure bye…

So overnight the life had turned itself…

Praful How I became a male prostitute Part IV

She should be some what 35 plus; except on the head and eyebrows, no hair, like a butter she was smooth; well toned skin; you cant call her slim; same time not fat; she is voluptuous.. didn’t have tummy.. probably a regular gym going one. Nice thighs..

Her boobs should be 34 C; I will ask her later when comfortable.

Praful , you told you have to shave your under arms and cock.. shall we do..

Heema, yes; but I haven’t brought razor or shaving cream..

I told you we shall do it here.. how come you didn’t bring it.. no issues. I have my washing foam and we can use my razor;

Do you use razor Heema; I thought with such a smoothness, you may be waxing.

I wax. This razor was bought long back for emergency; I had left here; let us go to the bathroom; you can sit on the bath tub; it will be easy for me to shave..

We headed to bath room and I removed my shorts and sat in the bath tub. She had put a stool in front of me and mixed warm water.

Praful , your dick is really thick and long; it will be one of the biggest cocks I had till date.. really I like it. see it is getting up like an anaconda…

Then she started playing with my dick and it gained erection. She then poured warm water and applied some foam and first shaved the hair on the lower tummy and then slowly the base of the dick; as she started shaving, I started getting tingling feeling. Then she completed the dick and proceeded to shave the balls.. as she was holding the balls and cupping it, my dick gained a kind of erection which even I had never achieved. Like a pro she was shaving and cleaned the balls and thigh joints… Now my dick was looking like a dressed chicken…

Praful I am tempted to suck you now.. but I will shave your armpits and then I will enjoy you thoroughly…

I am unable to control Heema, do something fast.. it is really throbbing..

Okay baby, fast is the word now and applied foam on the left armpit and shaved off; probably the foam might be good or the women razor might be effective one with few strokes she is able to clear off and then proceeded to right armpits and completed it. then she applied the water through hand shower and cleaned thoroughly.

Now the baby is ready for a superb blow job…

Heema, I am too excited and if you even kiss also, my cum will blast; so I need a diversion to enjoy a blow job. Instead can I lick you ..

What you say also correct. I really want to suck you for a long time… so let us go to the hall and you can …..

She took me to the hall by holding the dick as if holding a baby’s finger and making him to walk…

Then I removed the gown.. she wasn’t wearing anything inside… she really had a sexy anatomy.. a hot body…firm boobs.. smooth skin.. tucked in tummy, clean shaven genitals, tight tighs, cute ass, flawless legs, clean perfectly pedicured toes… wow… it is a treat to watch her…

I made her sit on the sofa and knelt down in front of her; then went close to her; fist started kissing on the inner thighs and slowly started working towards the vaginal area…she has a good aroma.. no stink or odor.. it was pleasant smell..

Heema, how come you are so fresh and fragrant.. I didn’t see you are washing it or applying soap…

Baby, even if some one wash so much it will still smell… I use an imported atomised deo there which neutralizes odor and give a pleasant smell always.. do you like it?

Do you like it.. what a question.. it is heaven ..

Then with the index finger I spread little the lips and started licking the upper part and then started inserting tongue in.. at the same time caressing the nipples.. she was thoroughly enjoying it…

( not filling the page with hmmmm… ahhaa sounds)

Slowly started touching the area between the cunt and ass hole.. started licking there… that was the trigger for a storm.. she was moaning loudly and started pressing my head… this act continued more than ten minutes… she had an exploding orgasm and laid on the sofa ….

I then got up, brought our drinks to the table, and waited for her to gain conscious…

Praful How I became a male prostitute Part III

Reached the spot suggested by Heema and gave her a call and she asked for my car number and she told she will be coming in just five minutes. Time was 0915 PM now.. I am fully loaded with new under wears, jovan’s sex appeal splashed all over, , and freshener drenched mouth waiting for her to come. First time straying out like this. Really nervous and full of anxiety as if meeting high school date. Lit a cigarette, came out of the car, and was waiting. After 10 minutes, she came; after a brief introduction, she got into my car and told to drive towards the farm house; it was a nice one with beautiful lawn. The complete house was centrally air conditioned. The ground floor had large hall with a heigh ceiling; artistically created furnishings and it was looking grand.

We sat in the hall and I was feeling uncomfortable and didn’t know what to speak and how to start the conversation. She started; I will take this through a conversation inter spread with actions;

So Praful , how are you

I am good Heema, how about you..

Good baby… so this is your first outing..

Yes, Heema, this is my first outing and I am quiet nervous;

Yah.. I can make out that; let us get comfortable so that you are relaxed..

Heema, if you don’t mind can I use the wash room ; also I want to take bath, since morning I am going through new experiences which really made me to sweat with excitement; A bath will be refreshing and will release the tension.

Please; take your own time; in the mean time let me also change my dress and get comfortable..

I went inside the bathroom and it was something what I had seen earlier in movies. A class bath tub with Jacuzzi. I just headed for a shower; mixed it to be warm, not very hot, keeping Anchal’s advice in mind. Really the bath helped me to relax to a great extent. Had put on a Bermuda, no brief inside, and a T shirt and sprayed lavishly the body spray and when I came out to hall, she wasn’t there. Didn’t know what to do. Switched on the TV. It was on DVD mode and picture started running. And it was a XXX movie; some white man was romping a black lady and one more man was standing and that lady was giving him head. So, she was watching a porn before me coming and as my phone came switched off the TV but not the DVD; and it was quiet good quality DVD, probably original one. I started watching it after muting it out of habit.

The sound heel of the shoes she was wearing distracted me from the DVD. She was coming down stairs. I turned and she is really stunning; I forgot to describe her. Heema should be somewhat 33 – 35. well maintained body; she cant be termed slim, but not fat too. she was adequate and well endowed. Her tits should be either 32 c or 34 b. well rounded , looked very firm; need to check out when she removes the bra. She cant be termed show stopping beauty queen . but certainly attractive. Her wealthy life style, regular visits to beauty parlors, gym had firm grooming over her which had ensured a sure look which makes to turn heads. But the most attractive part of her body in my choice is her ass, which is well endowed and looks very firm and in shape. Okay let us get back to the reality now;

She had changed her dress and now she was wearing something in black, which was like girls wear under salwar kameez; but made of silk; no sleeves; ample show of her fair shoulders and clevages. She was looking like a sex siren and I am already having an erection . here we go…

Hi Praful , had a nice bath?

Yah; so you watch porn DVDs.

With chuckle on her face, she said yes; especially before a steamy session, it really induces my appetite . well, shall we have a drink and she headed for the side cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Smirnoff and from Fridge took a real orange juice pack. Then she added some ice cubes and then poured a large and swigged it . She was actually mixing it like a professional. My admiration to her was really on raising mode. Once the vodka cooled off enough, she added the orange juice and then brought it to me. It was really a right mix. Then she told Praful shall we go to the back of the house; it has a nice lawn and fresh air in this moon lit night with sea making roaring sound makes a perfect setting for a quiet start.

We headed to lawn; it was abetting the swimming pool; it was quiet good swimming pool. We settled on the seats created out of stone. Cold breeze was blowing and her mild fragrance is stimulating me to a great extent. We toasted cheers and then started sipping. Then she lit a cigarette, I also followed the suit. She got a call on her mobile; she moved aside and spoken; it was slightly lengthier call; When she came, all of a sudden she came and kissed me on my mouth; and she had had kept a large drink in her mouth and pushed everything from her mouth inside me; never ever had such thing; it was really a surprise; I also reciprocated and kissed her. She didn’t leave me and I stood up and held her firmly by back . She was kissing like lady possessed. That broke the ice and started off the session;

We headed inside the hall and continued the kissing…

Then all happened in a tizzy, who rolled on whom, what I did, how I did when the dresses (little though) came off…when the condom was put… nothing I am able to recollect now.. complete action.. frenzied action…. Since I was exited and first time, it all happened too soon , I suppose …… She was one damn hot lady.. after pounding and hard pounding I leaked and fell tired and dozed off…
After some time the music and volume from TV woke me up. I was lying on bed and she was sitting on the sofa and the movie was going on…

With a sly smile on face, went to sofa after putting the shorts…

Sorry Heema, after long time, didn’t know what came in…

Hi I like it baby that way.. real rough and tough.. I enjoyed it completely.. it was not like usual thing I get.. totally uninhibited .. I loved it baby…

She was wearing the gown . And sipping the drink . I also picked my drink and lit a cigarette .

Then she asked okay baby, you might be feeling hungry; what would you like to have for dinner.

I told her I want to be light Heema so that can continue with action; why cant we settle for some simple bread, butter and jam.

If you feel so, I am okay with it and she went inside the kitchen and came out with bread toast, jam and butter; we were having the light dinner… her shoulders and the portion joining hands and shoulders are very attractive. If she allows, I will keep licking that and the armpits hours together. They were very inviting. Now I should take out time to really have a look at this lady …

Praful How I became a male prostitute Part II

I waited with anxiety for the call to come…

In the mean time I rushed home; I need minimum 45 minutes to reach ECR from my home. Time then is 07 45 and with 45 minutes of driving time to 10 30 I had two hours. I needed to shave armpits and my dick, cut my nails, shower and have light dinner… wow adrenaline is pumping …….

In the next blog I will narrate the first experience…

I just reached home and was removing my dress to prepare for shave of my life… armpits generally I shave once in three months or so. Last, I had shaved two week’s back.. so it wont be a problem; never had shaved the dick; that is going to be a new experience. Then call came on my mobile… the conversation goes thus:

( before that about the voice; you cant put it as a sexy voice nor an unimpressive voice; it is husky anyway.. from the voice she should be in the bracket of 33 – 37 and should be well educated, the pronunciation was excellent.. should be a real bombshell .. I am working for a BPO and voice is our main business)

Hi… Praful .. This is Heema here . ……………… Agencies reference I am speaking to you.

Hi Madam… well I was quiet excited and waiting with anxiety for your call..

Praful , don’t call me Madam; call me Heema..

Okay mad… sorry, Heema…I shall

Ok Praful , when you will come here.

Heema, I was told by them that I need to reach your place by 10 30. I will be there by then.

Cant you come earlier than Praful ; I had already reached the farm house.

I just reached home, need to take shower, and had special instruction to shave armpits and my private parts before meeting you.

What is that private part dear?

I was flustered and didn’t get the courage to use the word..

Don’t be so naive; you are not a boy, who should be blushing..

Okay; first time, isn’t it, that is why.. Feeling little bit hesitant and never had spoken to any lady openly.

Praful , you can feel free with me; no issues.. Now say what you are going to do

Heema, I have to shave my cock and ball and make it smooth for you. First time I am going to shave there and hence need some time..

I have an idea Praful , you come over here; we will shave here; I also want to see cock shaving which I never seen.. .. so don’t waste time for bath also. and dinner you can have here..

How you are going to come. Do you have any vehicle?

Yah; I have a car and will come on my own;

Do one thing then, cross Prarthana drive in and before crossing the toll gate to your left a lane will go. There will be a board called Golden castle lane. In that take a turn in that lane and give me a call. I shall come and pick you up.

That should be fine then; now time is 08 15 and I should be there by nine.

Praful , do you drink..

Yes, I do; I drink Vodka. What about you?

I drink beer or Vodka.

Do you want me to pick up..

No, no I have enough stock; Smirnoff will do? for mix, I have orange juice also. No worries; reach here fast boy… let us have a blast. I will leave you only tomorrow afternoon. So come prepared; do not tell I have this work that work and try to leave in between and spoil the mood.

Heema, first thing first; yes, Smirnoff will do; second, I am at your disposal, till the time you chase me out, I shall not leave.

Thant is like my baby… come fast baby. You will bring the rain coat?

Rain coat.. what for? It is not raining and I am coming by car.

Small baby don’t know what is rain coat.. that is Condom I speaking about; get some nice dotted and ripped once; get some strawberry flavoured ones.. don’t be kanjus and go for cheap Charlie varieties.. get some good ones..

Sure Heema; I will take care; and will you mind if I smoke… I am not a chain smoker.

I love it; I forgot; what is your brand;

Mine is wills

Okay then can you pick up a pack of Classic Ultra milds for me enroute..

Sure Heema, anything else you need..

Nothing baby… I am all excited; where are you now…

I am just starting the vehicle..

Okay okay ; don’t speak and drive; police will catch; I don’t want you coming late due to that … last question, before hanging up.. do you eat non veg?

No, I am a pure veg; and I will give you a call once reaching the Golden castle lane..

Bye Heema…

Bye baby. Come fast…

With that, I started my car and hit the road. Enroute stopped at Anna nana picked up one box of Menforce and one box of Durex extra dotted in two flavors each.. and one pack of wills for me and Classic Ultra milds for her. Then I bought a bunch of flowers; not a bouquet; but just flowers, 21 red roses and some lilacs stems…

In the mean time call came from Anchal to ensure I am going in time and when she heard all the conversation, she told you should not show you are exited.. but it is okay.. go ahead and enjoy.. She had told we had fixed your rate for tonight as 20000 plus another 5000 for staying tomorrow.. it seems from the conversation the lady is quiet a hit and you should receive a ransom as tip; this lady is known for that . I don’t know how she looks, but our associates whom we had send to her earlier says, she is really a very good company but insatiable.. Quiet demanding.. Enjoy your first outing… give me a call tomorrow …

How I shall pay the commission to the club

Yah I forget to tell that. You can deposit in the same ICICI account 30% , that is 7500/- and 30% of tips what you receive; Okay Have a good time bye and she went off the line.

Here I was crossing Thiruvanmiyur Bus depot and hitting ECR ….

Wait for the next Part for actual action….

Praful How I became a male prostitute Part 1

Hi I am going to tell you, how I became male prostitute, gigolo and my experience .. really Kinky experiences… first started with a single lady, then girl sandwich, then the bi- experience, then the group experience … in that also what and all new experiences… cross dressing, different position, Domination, slave, watersports, making it in the bath room, open air, telephone, while their husbands watching… amazing journey it was , at the same time helping myself well financially and gifts in kind those I cant imagine also…. Here goes……

On a boring Saturday afternoon, I was waiting in the office for a conference call that supposed to have happened. Since the attendees were from US, the telephone call could start only after six thirty in the evening. Being a Saturday my boss, did not want to waste his Saturday evening and made me to come to office in the morning itself, so that he can review the meeting points and get back to his home for lunch. Then I had three hours to go. Sitting in the huge office without any other colleagues itself daunting. So I decided to go and read some news paper; in 45 minutes I finished reading and now all that left was the supplementary which was full of classified advertisements. To kill time, I was reading and suddenly one column attracted my eyes. That was personal. There were friendship clubs. “Enjoy cultural and social get to gathers with good times. Enjoy n earn, only for VVIPs and not for students” followed by a mobile number. In addition, it was a Chennai number. So out of curiosity to find out what is this I dialed that number. After six seven rings other side the person came on line, seemed to be 45 plus aged person with a good command over English. He introduced himself as Praveen. He first enquired about my physical attributes and then explained that there is a lot of demand for middle aged male, for ladies whose husbands are staying abroad, into business and not really cared for. Further he continued, if I am really interested, then he can explain me a procedure called “incoming process”. I was curious and surprised to know that the so called modest Chennai had such wilder side and really wanted to know what is there further. He explained, “Once you tell us you are ready, we will let you know the contact details. They will be either two or three years elder or younger to you; you should make them happy, which ever way they want and should not behave bad; at the end they will pay upto 15000 – 20000 as fixed by the club and you have to pay the club 30% for giving you this opportunity; and demonstrate your seriousness and commitment, you need pay Rs.6500/- out of which Rs. 5000/- will be refundable deposit and Rs.1500/- will be admission charges. Make the money ready and then call me, I will guide you further”. I am tempted to the bone. Here have the sexual experience as well get paid for that. I told him I am ready tonight itself. He told me to go to nearest ICICI bank and give a call to him. With all the adrenaline pumping, I finished the call with the client. Then reached the ICICI bank.

I went to Nungampakkam ICICI branch, which works till late in the evening and made a call to him. This time a lady picked up the phone. I told her, Madam, I was speaking to Mr. Praveen in this number. She introduced herself as Anchal and told he is with me only. His job is to speak to people and convince them. Once we are sure that the person is serious enough then I take over in grooming the person and guiding him to establish the contact and grow further. Then she gave me the account number and asked me to deposit only Rs.3000/- as she felt I was a genuine person and gave 50% discount. Once the transfer of money was confirmed , she called me and the conversation goes thus:

Hi, Praful Patel Thank you very much for depositing the money. Are you in a position to have a conversation for next five minutes; if driving or not in a comfortable position please call me back. But be quick as you have very limited time before meeting the client.

Absolutely Anchal; I can speak to you now.

You are at Nungampakkam; your client would like to meet you at ECR in a farmhouse. Do you have any vehicle and when you can reach there.

I have a car and I can reach there in another one hr to one and half an hour time frame.

Okay; time now is 7:30; you have to reach the place by latest 10:30 and expected to stay with the client until tomorrow morning or late after noon . Is it okay with you.

No issues Anchal..

Are you alone and comfortable to talk since the dialogue may become personal and dirty at times.. are you okay’

Yes Anchal

So please take some changing cloths, especially some clean inner wears, towel, and basic toiletries as if you are traveling for a overnighter. I would not have been dwelling upon so many details if I were speaking to a lady, since you are a male and new, I am going over all nitty gritties and don’t mind, if it looks so basic and frivolous.

Absolutely Anchal; I am okay with it; Please take me through it.

Very important thing, you should keep a stock of condoms; market , today you have lot of improved varieties; please have adequate stock; one box each in varience like dotted, ripped, cented; mostly these ladies like banana or strawberry flavour. Don’t indulge in any activity including sucking without protection. It is very important;

But they are high profile ladies you say; wont it be enough I use protection during the insertion alone; why in every activity?

No Praful , even though they are high society ladies, you have to be careful; and during insertion it is must; but other activities, is to protect you and them; it is must and don’t allow without protection any indulgence okay. Now let me start with the way you present to them.

First, do you shave your under arms regularly?

Yes. I do.

Generally mature ladies, prefer clean armpits. Second nicely shaven armpits smell less; In your toiletries bag always keep a deo spray. Don’t go for cheap ones; it really turns off people; keep a good and musk odor based ones. Also always keep a spray for your mouth also.


Second, do you shave your genitals?

What, I did not understand

Genitals, your private parts.

No, I don’t do..

Please shave there also. since most of these ladies love to suck you and hair becomes a hindrance and also the particle and sweat stuck in that gives out a foul order. So Please shave including your balls. Keep it smooth. It is difficult, but if feasible you should clean hair around your asshole also.

Okay.. Do I need to shave hair on my chest also.. I am quiet hairy in the chest..

No you don’t need to shave there, since the ladies from Kerala and Arab countries prefer hairy chested people.. and Andhra ladies demand it. But they want the armpits and your genital area are clean shaven and smooth. Mostly our clientele are from Andhra, Kerala and Arab countries. Only North Indian ladies prefer clean chested people.. If required specifically, before assigning that meeting you will be informed.

Then the area between the thigh joints. Keep it clean else, the accumulated sweat will give out a foul odor and it will turn into black and scratchy; so use powder and keep it dry as well wash nicely; when taking bath apply some eud –i-clone drops to give a better fragrance. Moreover, importantly before going to assignment don’t take hot water bath as it leads to lot of sweating. So go for cold-water bath; if it is very cold go for luke warm water.

Sure Anchal

Please cut your nails and keep your feet clean; hope you don’t have any kind of soriasis or wounds ..

No Anchal, I am that way pretty clean..

And do you smoke?


These women prefer smoking. They cant smoke in public or when with their family. So they enjoy smoking and drinking. You are expected to give company; but be moderate in drinking and don’t loose control and don’t create any nescience. Any adverse

Do you use Pan parag, Gutka, tambakoo

No, Anchal, I don’t use .

Good, these ladies don’t like stained mouth. Some North Indian ladies like that smell, but not our clients.

And when you are speaking to them please never ask any personal questions nor answer. Keep the engagement only to what you are paid for . Don’t get into personal side at all. They may not like and we also don’t want our associates engaging with them in personal capacity.

While going dress up appropriately; don’t be too formal; you can use T shirt and Jeans, but not cow boy kind of dress; since the clients are rich and middle aged, they expect some kind of decency from the beginning..

Please bear in mind you are dealing with rich people and high society people. So don’t ever cross with their requirement. Only what they ask and want you should do. Their feedback is very important for us to provide you with more assignments.

Don’t ever mention to them which agency send you and what is the financial dealing etc. that is totally against our ethics..

All the best Praful … you seem to be right fit. The client we are assigning today is a very important client. She had paid a premium today since you are the first timer. And within another 30 minutes she will contact you. And let you know how to reach the destination. And one important thing.. never try to contact her on that number after today and even if she contacts you please ask her to come through us only. So Don’t save the number, just erase it… at no cost no personal contact please. In future even if you happened to see her anywhere, behave as if you had never met her. In this profession that is very important and never accept cheque / Account transfer from the client. Only cash and hard cash.. Okay…

Once again Praful … enjoy and welcome to our family of make and have fun and earn….

Thank you Anchal…

Nitin's Sex Encounter with his Wife's Boss Cheema

I am Nitin 27 year old working as s/w engineer in Mumbai. My wife Nandita (all names changed) 25 year old is also working as a marketing executive in a MNC and she is work alcoholic. Her nature of work is such that she has to travel all over India and some times she goes to abroad also in connection to her work.

My Wife’s Boss is a lady named Cheema and she is in her mid forty but looks much younger than my wife. She is unmarried and is owner of good look. Her figure may be around 36-28-34. We met several occasions. Whenever I met her, I noticed that she has an eye on me. And some how I also felt attracted towards her. Our relationship took a new turn when I met her in an official party around one year back, which she has thrown on occasion of becoming General Manager.

Every body was invited with in party with her spouse or partner. As the party reached to its full mood, an announcement invited the people to come to the floor for dance. The dance was ‘changing the partner’ type. People were chancing their partner after each 2 to 3 minutes.

In the mean time, I found myself in the hand of Cheema, the boss of my wife and host of the party. She pushed me to a corner of the hall with dancing movement. She embraced me tightly in course of dance and continued dancing. I felt her well-shaped boobs are pocking my chest. My cock, which was in semi sleepy state, get awaken with this famine touch. After some time, her one hand is caressing around the zip area. I was astonished and totally out of control. The cock wanted to tear the jockey and pant and to take breath in open air.

She sensed the heat of my boiling blood. She pulled me closer and in a swift movement she opened the zip of my pant and inserted her hand and holds my cock. I was in seventh heaven with her soft touch. I saw my wife was discussing something with her junior colleague at the other corner of the hall. Cheema whispered in my ear ‘don’t worry, your wife is leaving for Singapore in connection to her work and she is busy in planning for that.’ And she smiled naughtily. I found no body was able to see us as we were between the bar counter and corner.

Light was very mild. I took the advantage, and placed my right hand on her left boob and pressed lightly. She moaned in joy. Now she started moving her hand to and fro on my erected cock. We, somehow, kept our dance movement alive, although pace was very mild. After around 10 minutes, I felt to cum as she was moving her hand very vigorously.

I informed Cheema ‘I am about to cum’. She again gave a naughty smile and continued her hand’s movement and I came in her hand. She took a tissue paper and dried her hand. I found a winner’s satisfaction on her face.

In the mean time, my wife came to us, she asked her boss, Cheema ‘How is my husband as a dance partner’ ‘ He is a good dance partner and takes care of her partner’ she replied smilingly. My wife turned towards me and informed me ‘Dear, I have to leave you alone for next one week as I have to start for Singapore tomorrow in connection to the work.’ And she hugged me. This is the normal way of informing of my wife whenever she goes on tour. I saw to Cheema and found some hidden message in her twinkling eyes.

We had dinner and we returned home around 1 a m. I was feeling to have some intimate time with my wife but she requested me that she has to catch tomorrow’s morning flight so she has to prepare for that. I was little upset. My wife sensed my happiness and consoled me to bear with her. And went to bathroom, masturbated and went to bed for sleep.

Next day she left for her tour. It was Sunday. I was sleeping and then I heard mobile ring. I wake up and saw the watch. It was 10 O’ clock. I picked up the mobile. I surprised to hear the voice. It was Cheema. She asked whether she had disturbed me.
I replied politely ‘No Mam’. She asked general question that when my wife left etc.

Then she asked about my lunch. I told ‘ Till now, I have not decided.’

She suggested ‘Why we should not have lunch together.’

I tried to sense hidden indication in between the lines and replied immediately ‘sure’.

Then she explained the detail of our program. She called me in a reputed 4 star hotel at 12 pm. I got out of my bed and finished my daily course. It was 11 am. I was aware that it would take half an hour drive from my resident to the hotel. I took my car and went to juice shop and have a glass of pineapple juice. Then I went to medical store and purchased a small pack of KS (kamsutra). I was sensing that situation might arise to use this cover/ raincoat. I reached hotel in time.

I found Cheema was waiting for me in waiting hall. She was looking just gorgeous. She had worn sleeveless bright yellow top with deep neck slightly exposing the hidden treasure and tight blue jeans that was explaining her curvature. As I reached near to her, she greeted me by shaking hand. It was not just shaking but the future massage was being conveyed. Then she hugged me. It was just like a beloved is meeting her lover after along time. She told me to go to the room, which she has already booked. We proceeded towards the room. It was a huge room.

I sat on the sofa and she sat on my front side. She called for room service and ordered for a bottle of red wine with soda and ice. She inquired where we would have food. I told in the dining hall itself. Then our chitchat started. She told me that she has achieved what she had dreamed like position, prestige, and money. She is only lacking in fulfilling her physical need and mental piece. In the mean time, the boy came with wine etc. She told him to book a table for lunch. As he went out, she put the “Don’t disturb” card and closed the door.

I made two pegs and served her one. She came near to me and sat at the side of me. She put her legs on the table and took one of my hands in her and cheered with my glass. I was astonished she her leg.

‘You have a beautiful legs’ I complemented her.

She replied naughtily ‘there are too many beautiful items, would you like to see them all”.

I could not resist myself on this abetting answer and embraced her tightly and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She replied positively and inserted her tongue in mouth. I enjoyed the juice of her tongue for next 5 minutes. As we separated, I pulled her towards me and she held her head on my chest. I touched her soft hair and moved to her chick.

I put my one hand on her breast and squeezed it moderately. She enjoyed the squeeze. I pulled her top out in one go. She was wearing netted light blue bra matching to her jeans. She was looking dam sexy in blue bra with matching jeans. I stunned to see this grand look.

She asked why you stopped?

I replied that I want to paste this amazing image in my memory.

I proposed to have drink in this position only.

She smiled and said ‘as you wish but you have to remove your T-shirt and pant. I like to see you in brief only.’

I started to remove my dress. But she stopped me by saying ‘dear don’t take my enjoyment of undressing man like you.’ She stood up and pulled me up and made me stand. She hugged me and started pealing of my T – shirt and caressed my chaste. She throw my shirt and poked her boobs on my chest. She kissed and licked my chaste and shoulders.

I was moderately hot. She sensed my hotness as my bulged touched her front. She stared in my eye and unzipped my pant and inserted her hand to hold the cock. She gauged my excitements and smiled naughtily. And removed my pant in one go. As I was not in hurry so I requested her to have drink.

We moved to sofa for drink. She was in jeans & matching blue bra and I was only in brief. Accidentally, My brief was also of blue colour.
She commented ‘we both like blue colour.’ and we sat on sofa. She took the wine and handed over to me and she took her glass and put her head on my shoulder. We cheered and sipped wine. In the course of sipping wine, we kissed and sucked each other. I played with her boobs and she played with my cock. After around 30 minutes, only 2 or 3 sips of wine were left in our glasses. She saw in my eye & hugged me and pealed my brief in one go with her beautiful toe. She stroked my cock and showered it with remaining wine. She started licking the whole shaft. The pulled my foreskin down and exclaimed to see pink head of my cock.

She again poured few drops of wine on my cock and lick it to dry. I was very excited to see her activity. I had never imagined that such well positioned lady may have so much innovative sex funs and also who is in this age.

I told her ‘this has not fair. I am nude and you have still cloth.’ She replied sexily ‘who has stopped you.’ I got the signaled and undress her as quickly as possible. Literally, I tear her cloths. I was stunned to her toned body and well-maintained figure.

I complemented her ‘ she has better body than most of models or bollywood actresses.’

She smiled and told your body and especially cock is better than many sexy men. I hugged her again and her boobs got crushed between us. I took the wine bottle and poured on her boobs and on love area. We were standing and I was tasting wine by licking and sucking her shoulders and boobs. She was playing with my cock. I moved further and licked wine from her stomach.

As I tried to move further down, she asked me to go to bed and have 69. I lifted her in my arm and planted a kiss and moved to king size bed. I placed her on bed and I lay down on my back. She rolled over me and positioned herself in 69 position. She covered my cock with her mouth. I hold her ass chick and pulled her towards me and positioned her pussy. I started licking her whole love zone. She was licking and biting my cock. I concentrated on her clitoris and licked and sucked it vigorously. She came twice during this sucking. She was moaning. She was moving her head up and down very fast. I inserted my long tongue in her love canal and fucked her.

She again came and I consumed all her juice. Now she came down and showered me with her kisses. She told me to fuck her mercilessly by thinking that She is my slave. She lay down and made place to accommodate me. I ridded over her and inserted my rock hard cock, which slipped in fully in one stroke as it was fully lubricated with her three cums. I started pumping her. She asked for fast fuck. I increased the speed and started pumping her like any thing. She was moaning and shouting sexy sounds. She again came twice. She requested me that she wants me to come in her mouth. As I was about to come, I pulled my cock out and lay on back. She got up and took my cock in her eager mouth and made me cum in her mouth. I flushed my whole milk in her mouth. She sallowed the whole cum greedily. We rested for five minutes in each others arm and then proceeded for bath where we washed each other and had few funs. It was already 1:30 pm and we had lunch. I left her after lunch. She pushed an envelop in my pocket which had money. When I tried to say some thing she just hugged me and closed my lips with her’s. And whispered it is gift to me from her. Later she requested me to meet her friends. In course of time, she made me a high class male escort. I was also an unsatisfied husband as my wife is more interested in her work. I thought it’s ok. As, I am getting honey with money.